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About Us

In 2018 after the birth of my 3rd Child I was in need of a creative outlet and a way to get back to work while still being able to stay at home. I began sewing and creating at first it was baby items, then things that I wanted to challenge myself with them one day my oldest asked me to start sewing scrunchies for her and well my creative flair took off from there!

I kept sewing and designing with different fabrics, colours and patterns all the time refining and developing my product. I started hitting the market scene and found that other people were loving what I had created too. Then with the support of a friend I had my first stockist and that brings me to where I am today! Developing and releasing my very own website 😱😱

I appreciate your support for what I enjoy doing. Not only do I sew and create on a daily basis I also own my own coffee shop in Ardrossan (The Coffee House) and not to mention run the household with my loving partner and our tribe of 3.

Yes Three Of Me is named after my children I mean where would I be without them? They keep me grounded and remind me everyday what it means to love and be loved my oldest 2 have been my rocks in the hardest days and well my youngest is the cheekiest most spoilt little man (his siblings adore him) My children are my world and the reason I work so hard everyday!

Don't forget when you buy from a small business your supporting a family each and everyday! 

Much love 

Sarah xx